About Us

In 1973, Tom and Ray (Hey, that's us!) Magliozzi of "Car Talk" started a do-it-yourself shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Hacker’s Haven. These were the days of car DIY so we thought, let’s open a garage where folks could do their own work and we’ll rent them the space and tools. Was it the brilliant million dollar Swiss bank account-worthy idea that we promised our parents it would be? Not so much. We felt so sorry for most of these DIY wrecks (and we’re not talking about the cars) that we ended up doing most of the work ourselves. At least it gave our dog Banjo a fun place to hang out.

After several years of 80 hour work weeks (now you know why Tom is work averse), we decided to open a new enterprise called Good News Garage. We still welcomed do-it-yourselfers but also focused the majority of our attention on competent and honest auto repair for those who didn't want to get greasy. And for that, we hired competent and honest people to work for us. What a concept. Our mechanics explain how stuff works and never sell you stuff you don't need or want.

We also have the latest test equipment and in the last few years we've embraced the 20th century by accepting credit cards and keeping computerized records. Getting our mugs onto Facebook and Twitter means we’ve even dipped our toes into the 21st century.

Alas, we have not, as of yet, opened a Swiss bank account. (That honesty thing has been a bit of a hinderance.) But, we have nearly 40 years of satisfied customers and have maintained a great staff.

If you stop by you might even catch one of us working.